About us

Dark Nomad is a full-service entertainment firm offering Artist Development, Production, Song Writing, Mix and Mastering Engineering, Branding, Reviews (both public and during song writing), Lyrics and all Back-Room Label Services. Dark Nomad are a small but very engaging company who will help our artists all the way to success.

The company serves as a one-stop-shop to both independent and seasoned recording artists. We can help our clients keep or even raise the quality of their projects and products. We tailor our services to your needs, streamlined processes helps clients produce, create, and brand their music more selectively, as they are guided by services equal to any major management, and on behalf of independent artists, without them having to bounce around to get the things they need done.

With a vast network of PR, labels, music professionals, producers, media outlets, video editors, sessions musicians, bookings, writers and many more great connections, Dark Nomad can help you get ready for the next phase of your career